Copywriter, translator, brainstormer, conceptwriter & radio coach.


Loves great ideas, creates popular concepts, writes headlines, baselines, strong copy texts (for print, web, radio, tv, leaflets...), thinks strategically, invents product names & translates from French, English, and Italian to Dutch.


Koen Nuyts graduated with a Master in Languages (French/Italian) in Antwerp. He has been working for nearly 20 years as a Copywriter for some of the best Belgian agencies and has won several national and international awards (in collaboration with Art Directors such as Stijn Gansemans & Tony Naudts-Ducène). Also has over 5 years of experience as a Creative Director. In May 2013 he founded Haaikoe. Wanting to go back to the creative process, Koen is now taking time to develop some personal projects. Time to love the language.





Full-time dad, part-time passionate would-be photographer, loves to travel (the world) by touring bike, cycling/mountain-biking, skiing, nature, curious and dreamer.

Lives near Zoerselbos with his wife and 4 daughters.